Life Solutions: Steps to Purge and Organize your Closet

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Do  you need to organize your bedroom closet and don’t know where to begin?
I have an Aunt that says if your closet is organized you feel like your whole life is organized because your day starts in an organized closet and that organization eventually spills into the rest of your home. I have a few steps to help make the organization process go smoothly.


1. Remove all your clothes form your closet and drawers and put on bed so you can easily sort.

2. Wipe clean the entire closet with a damp cloth and line the drawers with pretty liners. Toss in a scented satchels inside the drawers and hang one or two on a hanger in the closet nearest to the shoes.

3. Time to sort the clothes on bed into three categories… Keep,  Questionable and Donate /toss

4. Hang your KEEP pieces in nice velvet hangers or wood hangers. It makes such a visual difference when all the hangers are the same. (STAY AWAY FROM WIRE HANGERS.)

5. As you hang the “keep” pile organize by type then by color.(dresses, skirts,tops, jackets).  Jeans and sweaters can be folded and put on shelves.

6. Time to sort the “questionable” pile. Ask yourself these questions .Do I LOVE it? Do I wear it? Does it fit? Do I look good in it?  If you answered NO two 3 of the questions then it needs to go.

7. Go through the Donate/ Toss pile. Toss items that look too worn, are stained or torn. Donate, sell or give away.

8. Maintain it organized. Keep in order.


TIP: If you need help don’t be afraid to ask a girlfriend to come in and help you with the sorting process. She can help you make quick decisions on the questionable pieces.




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2 Responses to Life Solutions: Steps to Purge and Organize your Closet

  1. I so need to do this. But I think I need a bigger closet :) Good tips girls!

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